What Brands Do We Service?

At Optimum Air we service and repair a wide variety of heating systems from all manufactures ranging from conventional split systems on the residential side to packaged rooftop units on the commercial side. 

Save Money

 It is important that all heating equipment receives regularly scheduled maintenance. Having the dirt and debris cleaned out of a furnace and its' blower increases the airflow and efficiency. This will cut down on the cost to the owner due to more efficient running conditions. 

Be Safer

  Removing the dirt and debris also results in less fire hazard. It is important to check any gas heating system upon start-up for carbon monoxide gas that could be leaking because of inadequate exhausting, a cracked heat exchanger, or clogged flue. For these reasons you should call Optimum Air before your next fall start-up. 

At Optimum Air We Service All Brands of:

  • Electric Furnaces
  • Gas Furnaces (Natural and LP)
  • Heat Pumps
  • Boilers
  • Rooftop Package Units (RTUs)
  • Package Terminal Units (PTACs)
  • Infrared Heaters (Gas and Electric)

At Optimum Air We Install the Following Types of Systems:

  • Conventional - We Install RUUD® electric, gas, and heat pumps.
  • Mini-Split - We install Fujistu® one room or your whole home.
  • Boilers
  • Rooftop Package Units (RTUs) - When you need more heating than a conventional system.
  • Package Terminal Units (PTACs) - Hotels or Small Out Buildings

Infrared Radiant Electric or Gas Heaters for Home or Office:


We also provide infrared heating solutions for indoor and outdoor needs. If you have a hard to heat area or cold spots in your home or office out electric infrared solutions are for you. Electric infrared heating is a safe and economical alternative to convection heating or to complement your current system. Our gas fired infrared heaters are great for more rugged applications such as a garage or warehouse. They can even be deployed on outdoor decks or outdoor eating areas to allow for utilization of the space year round.